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and you could access new grants and support for improvements on your land


Natural Solutions in the Sankey Catchment

There’s a new opportunity for landowners in the Sankey Catchment to work together to access grants and support. The Countryside Stewardship Facilitation Fund (CSFF) needs your support to unlock funding that can support this work.


Give your support to our plan

Step 1:

We need landowners in the area to sign up now. We need a total combined landholding of 2,000 hectares to sign up to make the Sankey Catchment area eligible for the fund.

Step 2:

If successful, we’ll be able to support grant applications to help you improve your land.

Working together and usingĀ  a ‘landscape scale approach’ means these grants can cover land under existing agri-environment and forestry/woodland agreements, common land and land not currently covered by a scheme.

Step 3:

We’ll be able to directly help you to:

  • apply for Countryside Stewardship and other grants
  • access training to help you implement your environmental proposals
  • join up with other landowners where appropriate and carry out work co-operatively
  • network with other landowners and relevant organisations.


How do I sign up?

We need you to register your interest as soon as you can. This is a time limited opportunity.

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